PVA Bag-Up Feeda Leads

Available in 5 weights:

The idea of these leads are that they are basically a ’Feederless Feeder’. Simply slide a small PVA bag under the elasticated strap and position your hookbait right on top by nicking the hook into the bag.

Now just think of the advantages over a conventional flat feeder.

Your feeder and hookbait are guaranteed to stay on the feeder. They’re not lost during casting, or on impact, or as the feeder sinks, and if you miscast you can reel in and try again without spreading feed everywhere!

Once in the water your bag will burst open in 1-5 minutes depending on the type of PVA bags you’ve chosen and water temperature. The bags contents will then cover the lead in a small pile with the hook right in amongst it.

This is the ultimate fish trap!

The bags can be filled with any feed as long as it’s PVA friendly and not too wet.

For example:

Maggots - Live or dead.
Cereal - Groundbait including fishmeal.
Boilies - Whole or crushed.
Meat - Cubed or grated.

And of course Pellets, even softened ones as long as they’re soaked then left to swell up and dry a little. The list of possibilities is endless, this is not possible with a normal flat feeder. These bags can be made up in advance or made on the bank as and when you need them. The leads cast beautifully because of the teardrop shape and are inline and fishery safe.

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Feeder Body Sizes (approximate)

Body Size Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Micro (wire cage only) 20 15
Mini 23 20
Small 33 25
Medium 40 28
Large 45 33
Jumbo 45 45