Bankside Tuition

Nisa Feeders sponsored by Marcel Van Den Eynde

Nisa Feeders sponsored by Marcel Van Den Eynde UK

Tuition days are generally on a one to one basis and can be tailored to your own requirements, concentrating on whatever methods you would like on various venues, depending on the time of year.

Bankside angling tuition by Nick Larkin of Nisa Feeders

Methods such as Feeder Fishing, Pole Feeder, Pole Fishing, Stick Float and others can be covered to catch mainly Roach, Bream, Hybrids and Perch, with maybe the odd eel! Don't worry there's not many of them around nowadays!

The cost of an individual booking is £100 per day, which includes Groundbait and a goody bag of items such as Feeders and Leads, which will help you enjoy your day even more. A day ticket charge may be applicable.

If you wish to bring a friend or friends, that's fine just add £25 per person.
Tuition days run Monday to Thursday throughout the season.
Book your day on 01502 563965 or email

“I was off and running catching fish almost straight away ... Truth be told it was like having a days fishing with a mate, but I Learnt so much in a relaxed way.”
P.H. - Kent

Bankside tuition testimonial from P.H. - Kent

Bankside tuition testimonial from A.H. - Sussex

“I have done a few similar days out with other noted anglers but Nick’s approach to tuition is by far the most comprehensive and informative.”
A.H. - Sussex

“I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and ability of fishing a tidal river to spend a day with Nick ... I would not hesitate in booking another days tuition with Nick.”
P.A. - Cheshire

Bankside tuition testimonial from P.A. - Cheshire
Bankside tuition by Nick Larkin

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Feeder Body Sizes (approximate)

Body Size Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Micro (wire cage only) 20 15
Mini 23 20
Small 33 25
Medium 40 28
Large 45 33
Jumbo 45 45