Plastic Cage Feeders

These are available in varying sizes and weights.

Ultra quick release and dispersal of bait can be achieved with these feeders as water rapidly penetrates through the plastic mesh.

These are especially useful where the fish are quickly onto the bait, thus preventing a trail of groundbait as you play the fish in.

The plastic body allows the feeder to rise when retrieved thus reducing the snagging problems associated with metal cage feeders.

Long Range Cage

These metal cage feeders have a permanent 'Integral' lead loading at the base, which aids long accurate casting.

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Micro Cages

Available in two weights: 12g, 20g

When fish want a minimum of feed, these tiny feeders come into their own.

With enough built in weight for accurate casting to islands and stability once on the bottom.

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Jumbo Cage Feeder

Available in the following weights: 20g, 28g, 44g, 60g

These are metal cage feeders with a capacity to introduce the equivalent of a large ball of crumb in one go!

Great for baiting up at the start of a session. Be sure to use strong tackle when casting these!

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Nisa Feeders ×

Feeder Body Sizes (approximate)

Body Size Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Micro (wire cage only) 20 15
Mini 23 20
Small 33 25
Medium 40 28
Large 45 33
Jumbo 45 45