Method Coils

Method Coils are available in four sizes and two weights and have a discreet black finish.

These have been designed and made as a direct response to the growing number of fisheries which insist on Inline feeders (i.e. the line runs straight through the feeder via a tube).

This means that any breakages above the feeder do not result in a fish remaining tethered to the feeder making this product truly fish friendly!

The feeder can be stopped off by a swivel to the short hooklength and can be free running on the line or stopped by a large sliding stop above the feeder.

The feeders have integral loading which is important to provide the "bolt rig" effect.

On the small and standard coils the weight is concentrated off-centre so that it always rolls the same side up on the bottom.

The bait or hooklength can be buried into the groundbait opposite this weight and will therefore sit at the top of the feeder making it easy for the fish to find.


The conical shape of the coil is important in that the line above the feeder lays straight onto the bottom, reducing line bites. The hooklength end points upwards towards the fish!

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Feeder Body Sizes (approximate)

Body Size Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Micro (wire cage only) 20 15
Mini 23 20
Small 33 25
Medium 40 28
Large 45 33
Jumbo 45 45