Scoopy Pellet Cones

Available in 2 versions.

Link - 28g
Inline - 28g

These feeders are made of a soft flexible material which 'gives' slightly when feed is 'wedged' in.

Once in the water the reverse happens and feed loosens quickly and is forced out through the large open end.

These feeders are quick and easy to fill and allow any size of pellet or partical to be used as well as groundbait, or a combination of both.

There are 2 versions:

A 'LINK' version allows the feeder to be fished conventionally with a longer hooklength.

An 'INLINE' version allows a short hooklength so the hookbait is near the feeder, or can be tucked into the feed as you would with a Method Feeder. This version incorporates the unique 'SHOCK LINK' system, which is fish safe and prevents hook pulls.

These feeders have a 'Pear Shaped' lead and cast extremely accurately, much easier than a flat feeder, especially in adverse conditions.

One unique feature is that as the cone material is so soft, it can be trimmed, to change the shape or size to match the conditions, very easily with a pair of scissors.

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Feeder Body Sizes (approximate)

Body Size Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
Micro (wire cage only) 20 15
Mini 23 20
Small 33 25
Medium 40 28
Large 45 33
Jumbo 45 45